Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thoughts & Noticings...

~ Sometimes vocabulary differences are more difficult to understand than the accent. (I haven't had as much trouble understanding accents as I thought I might.)
     Some of my favorites:
  • "TK Maxx" = TJ Maxx
  • "Half nine" = Nine thirty
  • "What's the craic?" (pronounced "crack") = What's going on?
  • "Panto" = Show/play (short for pantomime, which is a play)
  • "After-dos"  = Wedding reception or an after-party of any kind 
  • "Bin it." = Put it in the trash can. (Trash is rubbish, and the trash can is the bin.)

~ I very much appreciate tables with fresh breads and pastries laid out in gas station convenience stores. I would like for this to happen in the U.S. (I will try to get a picture to share.)

~ I am not very good at using my left hand for my fork. (Here, they eat "properly." ;) When using a knife, you keep the fork in your left hand and knife in your right hand.) 

~ Eggs are not refrigerated in the grocery store.

~ There are different terms of endearment. The most common ones I've heard are "love" and "pet." "Pet" is used a lot with the junior and senior infants at school.

~ I love the beautiful sunsets over the "hills" (not mountains) when it's not rainy. The sun now starts to set shortly after 4 pm.

Probably more random thoughts in a future post...
Slán go fóill!

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